Hi Everyone,

We are trying to put together a Health & Safety plan for Certifiers when we move from Level 4 to Level 3 and beyond with Covid-19.

Our main question is – How do we keep Certifiers safe from further infections?

Our executives are looking at this and please see an initial plan which is great. What do we add to this?

Remember our safety is paramount and keeping in mind most good Shops, Compliance Centres and so forth will have their own Health and Safety Covid-19 plans and procedures in place.

Many also won’t and will think it is business as usual, so we need to be diligent and mindful.

There are currently between 7,000 to 10,000 vehicles on the water coming to NZ this month, meaning it will be busy for Compliance Centres to process & again for Panel Shops doing repairs and/or upgrades.

This means pressure on Certifiers, so we need to issue a comprehensive plan to be circulated via email to Compliance Shops & Repair Shops on what is required.

Those who aren’t willing to conform, we will simply not allow our Certifiers to take that risk and enter their premises.

Current thoughts on returning to work

Firstly, we will require approval that our Industry meets the criteria to re-start work at Level 3. The Level 3 Criteria and its expected requirements will see some non-essential businesses close as they can’t meet the Health & Safety requirements.

Assuming we meet this requirement, we could then apply the following processes to limit our exposure.

  1. The Approved Inspection Sites (Repairers or Compliance Sites) should provide us with a Letter to confirm they have surveyed their staff and can confirm that all Staff have all completed their Isolation period as per the requirements issued by The NZ Government. There is no Infection in any of their ‘Bubbles’, The Company Must have in House Processes to also meet the Level 3 Requirements.

Hand Sanitizer should be available at entry and exit points in the workshops.

  1. The Inspection Sites need to Pre-Book the Inspections with The Certifier, All Fail Sheets and any other Documentation required should be Emailed prior to inspection, this will eliminate a contact point.

The vehicles should be stripped i.e. (UBSR Repairs should have all covers, liners, bumpers and required trims removed. Accident Damaged / Previously Repaired Vehicles could have any outer panels removed to reveal all inner areas) to a Level for a thorough Initial Inspection to be completed, eliminating unnecessary further inspection before the Work plan can be set. Intermediate and Final Inspections also need to be Pre-Booked.

  1. The vehicle should be on a hoist with only one contact person from the Inspection Site present and keeping to personal distancing rules, no other work is to be continued in the Workshop while inspections are taking place.
  2. In no way should the quality and integrity of the Inspection Process be compromised; all essential Inspection must be completed.
  3. The Completed Certificate could be emailed to the Compliance site to once again eliminate unnecessary travel and contact; in this case a note and Certificate Number should be entered on LandData.