Repair Certifiers Association

Hi to all Certifiers,

Firstly, I would like to welcome the new certifiers that NZTA have appointed over the last few months.

There are a number of regions around the country where the certifiers are approaching retirement & have notified NZTA they are happy to work along side the new appointees in a mentoring role. This assistance is greatly appreciated.

There are new certifiers in Levin, Napier, Hastings & Invercargill that have been operating for a while now. In addition, there have been 2 new certifiers appointed in the Auckland region and 1 more in Northland, 2 in Hamilton & 1 in Christchurch. They have been up & running since the 1st of July.

In conjunction with NZTA we have implemented a system where the first 30 files have been electronically sent to the NZTA to audit prior to sign off. This has worked extremely well & has been of assistance in identifying any problems before the LT308 was issued. This method has also provided an extra layer of protection for the new certifiers as the market is riddled with a number of un-scrupulous car dealers that apply an enormous amount of pressure on the certifiers & compliance inspectors to sign off poorly repaired & un-safe vehicles.

Going forward all files by all the certifiers will be introduced to this system – as this will form part of an ongoing electronic auditing system.

It has been a remarkably busy 12 months for the RCA & NZTA. The funding is not yet resolved, however we are still working through the issues & I am hopeful for a positive outcome shortly – we can discuss this further at the road shows being held in Christchurch, Porirua & Hamilton later in the month.

On behalf of all the certifiers, I personally will never give up to get the funding across the line for our group. This COVID 19 of course has not helped & has placed greater stresses on the NZTA & the industry in general. New VIRM amendments were implemented on the 1st August regarding repair shops – as to
who can repair a structurally damaged vehicle and at what level. I would like to thank Neil Hesson, Bob Kistemaker, Bevan Marshall & Phil Harris who put in submissions.
This process has been a long time coming & now it’s here we can work with the process & as it is a live document, we can adjust it if there are any issues.
Quarantine Landata requirements, which has been a problem from day 1, have also been altered & longer time frame has been allowed. Please read the VIRM up-dates to under-stand the process.

Next on the agenda with NZTA is up to the certifiers. Damage flags & when to lift them could be a good one to review next.
We have also had a new addition within the NZTA to help in the light vehicle repair space Rob Pauletic has been appointed to assist all the CO’s as their champion. He is also getting things done as far as light vehicle repair rules go. As a CO he under-stands that the VIRM urgently needs up-dating & made more relevant to reflect the modern car repair requirements.
Rob has been an awesome addition to NZTA & the RCA is gaining traction with his support.
Also, the NZTA regulatory branch headed by Neil Adams & Janine Moody as our liaison is a very welcome addition.
The lines of communication have opened up to the point where we are working at a higher level with the NZTA & a clearer under-standing of every-bodies role in the light vehicle repair process is being established. I have to say it is working very well.
This has led to the repair/workshop being locked in for Christchurch, Wellington/Porirua & Hamilton. All certifiers are required to attend.
This is your opportunity to hear from NZTA as well as giving your viewpoint to them. I will attend all meetings & look forward to catching up with you again.
Certificates of Appointments for the certifiers will be rolled over this month for another 6 months & possibly longer.
I have spoken to all of you over the last year, some of you on multiple occasions & it is great to see you all doing the best you can & not least of all in supporting your repair shops. As professionals the repairs often look to us for support & guidance. It has been a very surreal year, and I am sure we are all grateful that as an industry & a country we have done so brilliantly through the lockdown & the ensuing period.

Now we are relatively back to normal – as normal can be in these times.
The RCA have increased the membership fee by $100 per certifier to cover our running costs.
Please pay the fees as promptly as possible to keep our heads above water while we sort the funding issue out.
Neither Neville nor I have received any of the RCA funds. These have been applied to the accountants, auditors, website developers etc… Annual accounts for the RCA are available upon request.

It has been a real privilege to work with you all & advocate for the RCA with NZTA on your behalf & collectively we will continue to support each other.

Tony McHugh
RCA Chairman